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We are excited to welcome you to the Mudsock Youth Rugby Family. Our club started in 2004 and boasts a proud history both on and off the pitch (rugby for field). We are aligned with Mudsock Youth Athletics. Our club has many special traditions that your child will quickly learn.

Rugby is a unique sport as it allows PLAYERS to make real-time game decisions. The sport of rugby includes preparation, training and coaching but the non-stop, in-game action puts the strategy and decisions into the player’s hands. No other sport is like rugby – it combines football, soccer, basketball, and wrestling all into one!

2024 spring information packet

Stacey Grove

2024 Registration and Fees

Open Spring registration will be held the month of January 2024. Registration will be accepted online at Depending upon coaching staff size, rosters may be limited so please be sure to register as soon as possible. Spring fees (early bird pricing) will be as follows; note all fees include volunteer deposit and fees for USA Rugby and Rugby Indiana. 

$115 for grades 2nd - 4th Coed Flag 
$175 for grades 5th/6th Coed Tackle 
$225 for grades 7th/8th Girls Tackle
$225 for grades 7th/8th Boys Tackle
$250 for HS Girls Tackle **
** Open to HSE High School and Fishers High School girls or any high school aged girl who resides in Fishers but does not go to either high school (i.e. homeschooled).

USA Rugby is an annual fee. HS Girls who played in fall 2023 will pay $215 during the early bird period. Please note, an email will be sent to this group with a coupon code to apply. Thank you! 

There will be a multi-player discount available for families registering three or more children. Early bird pricing will be available during the month of January. Beginning February 1st  registration fees will increase.

Registration for rugby involves two separate signups. Players will need to register both with Mudsock Youth Rugby, via Mudsock Youth Athletics, and Rugby Indiana. Please note, to make Rugby available to as many players as possible, our league has worked hard to substantially lower our Mudsock Youth Rugby registration fee. We hope your player will continue to grow with us and find a passion for the sport.

Register with Mudsock Youth Athletics at
The season fees will be collected at this time.
Parents and guardians will have the opportunity to select a volunteer activity that interests them.

Register with Rugby Indiana at -
How to Create Your Membership Profile (Parent should create their profile first)
How to Register (you will add the players at this time):

*Both of these steps must be completed for your child to be fully registered for the season. If you have any issues or questions about this process, please contact us at [email protected].

To earn back your $50 volunteer deposit (via 2 hours of volunteer time), there are many ways to help: team parent, preparing the pitch (field) for a match, player socials, laundering team jerseys, tournament concession stand duty, end of year banquet, etc. The Rugby league will set up volunteer sign ups through the Mudsock Youth Athletics enrollment process as well as our website to make it easy for everyone.


Is Rugby and Expensive Sport?
When you consider the cost of equipment, uniforms, travel, and athletic trainers, rugby is one of the cheapest youth sports in Fishers. We do, however, annually pay sanctioning and administration fees to both Rugby Indiana (our home Union) and Mudsock Youth Athletics.

What do the Registration Fees Cover?
The Rugby Indiana fee covers the cost of referees and provides additional insurance protection to your player. The Rugby Indiana fees pay for USA Rugby CIPP fees, supplemental accident health policy, Rugby Administration Staff, Referee Society, grants for low-income players and All Star/Select teams.

The Mudsock Youth Athletics fees pay for registration, bookkeeping, additional program athletic scholarships and general field maintenance by the city of Fishers. All of these aforementioned fees are included in the registration fees outlined above. Mudsock Youth Rugby is committed to   keeping fees low through volunteerism. If a parent logs at least two volunteer hours on behalf of his or her child’s team, $50 will be refunded per child at season’s end.

What Equipment do I Need?
All fees INCLUDE a custom rugby ball, shorts, and socks. Jerseys are also provided. All you have to worry about is a mouthpiece and boots (the rugby term for cleats). At this level, soccer cleats can double as rugby cleats; however, metal cleats (baseball) and cleats with a cleat on the end of the toe (football) are strictly prohibited.

When is the Season?
In general rugby runs from mid-March (when winter sports are wrapping up) until the end of the school year. There may possibly be some optional pre-season training and conditioning sessions in January/February for those that can attend, please watch out for announcements on our website and Facebook pages linked below. Our youth teams typically practice two nights a week (coach’s discretion) and some Saturdays until matches begin. Once matches begin, usually shortly after Spring Break, they are typically played on Sundays with High School Girls matches being played on Saturdays. Some players may be selected and have the opportunity to play in some Indiana All-Star games post season.

Where do you Play?
Rugby is considered a local travel sport and we play home and away games against teams from Central Indiana (example: Carmel, Westfield, Avon, Brownsburg, Pendleton, Broad Ripple), with our home games typically played at Cyntheanne Park.  All practices will be local, typically using Fishers parks (often Brooks School Park or Cyntheanne Park) or local school fields.

Rugby Overview

What is Rugby?
Rugby is the fastest growing youth sport in the United States. In the U.S., rugby may be considered a new sport, but you may be surprised to learn that it is actually the second most popular sport in the world behind soccer. In fact, in Europe, Australia and South Africa, the teams and players are elevated to a star status that exceeds that of NFL players in the United States! Many teams fill 80,000 seat stadiums for international match play.
The allure of rugby is easy to understand yet hard to explain. Who can’t appreciate the toughness required to play a fast-paced, physically demanding game that is 60 minutes long with no timeouts and only a 5- minute half time! All players play both defense and offense at any given time during a game. Most appealing is the fact that there is a position for everyone who wants to play – large or thin, short or tall. Above all, rugby is a social sport that praises competition but demands good sportsmanship.

There are four ways to score points in a rugby game.
Try – When the ball is grounded over an opponent’s try line (goal line) in their try zone (end zone), it is worth 5 points. The try counts as a score only if the ball is literally touched down with control in the try zone, which is where American football gets the word “touchdown.”
Conversion – After scoring a try, the scoring team gets an attempt to kick the ball over the crossbar and through the posts of the rugby uprights. A conversion is worth 2 points. Again, like American football, a score and a conversion are a combined seven points.
Penalty – If the opposition commits a penalty, a team can choose to kick at the goal. Combining the penalty shot of soccer and the field goal of American football, a penalty kick is worth 3 points.
Drop Goal – During play, a team may drop the ball on the ground and kick it over the goal. This is called a drop goal and is worth 3 points.

How do I learn more about Rugby?
Go to and click on the tab “What Is Rugby?” You can watch videos and download a great document tool called “Beginners Guide to Rugby”.

What happens after the season? Are there opportunities to play in All-Stars or travels to other states?
Yes! During the semi-state and state tournaments, staff and coaches from the Rugby Indiana organization will provide try-out and other important information. Players and coaches from Mudsock Youth Rugby, Fishers High School Rugby Club, and HSE Royals Rugby have played/coached in many tournaments across the U.S. and even internationally. We maintain a strong relationship with Eagle Impact Rugby Academy (EIRA) which is a developmental pipeline for our U.S. National Team (The Eagles). EIRA hosts many Midwest camps, events and try-outs throughout the season.

When my child is done with youth rugby, are there high school rugby teams are in Indiana?
Yes! In fact, Indiana is one of the hotbeds of rugby in the U.S.! There are currently over 30 boys and 15 girls high school teams in Indiana. There are three divisions for boys (Super League, Division I, Division II) and two divisions for girls (Division I, Division II). Indiana has one of the largest numbers of youth and high school rugby clubs in the USA. In 2011, the Southeastern Rugby Club was split into two high school teams, HSE Rugby and Fishers Rugby. HSE won the Division I state title in 2015, FHS won the Division I state title in 2016. Mudsock Youth Rugby teams also have multiple youth state titles and is the only youth rugby club in Indiana that feeds into two high school boy’s teams. The girl’s rugby teams, while newer, have also both enjoyed much on the field success.